July 31, 2014
A Good Victory

Santos returned to winning ways on Saturday evening with a 3x0 win over Chapecoense. It wasn’t pretty, but given Santos’s recent attacking troubles, three goals is like mana.

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July 24, 2014
A Meek Loss

And just like that, Santos’s three game winning streak was puffed out. In the end it took a good strike from Dario Conca (and some woeful defending, of course) to end Santos’s good run. The equalizer was there was the taking despite Santos’s having to switch from a defensive mindset to having to take the initiative. However, the team’s persistent lack of intelligence in the final third jettisoned any hope of a point.

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July 19, 2014
Back With A Win

After a month’s break from league play, there surely isn’t a better remedy to warm a team back up like a clássico - at least, that’s what one would think. Instead of a well contested affair between Santos and Palmeiras, we were treated to a game low on quality and scoring chances. The night ended well for Santos fans, though. A pair of first goals for the club - the first from Bruno Uvini and the second from Alison - sealed a 2x0 win. 

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June 6, 2014
Entering the Break with a Win

With the World Cup looming in the distance, one of the consistent characteristics of recent league games has been relocated encounters. After playing Bahia at the Joia de Princesa instead of the Arena Fonte Nova, Santos fell victim to the displacement bug, being forced to play Criciuma in São Bernardo instead of the commandeered Vila Belmiro.

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May 31, 2014
An Un-Santos-Esque Display


The Joia de Princesa stadium was the stage for Bahia and Santos’ encounter on Thursday night due to FIFA’s commandeering the Arena Fonte Nova in preparation for the World Cup. The ground proved to be ill-prepared for what was to come. A broken gate gave non-ticket holders the chance to enter for free, which created dangerous overcrowding in certain areas. Cameras split their time between the field and the stands as the police were summoned. Their lens caught women and children being evacuated over a fence in order to escape the crush. Fortunately, the dreaded disaster was averted. Unfortunately, the incident turned out to be the most interesting facet of news from the stadium.

The terrible pitch did little to facilitate good football, but even then the spectacle put on by Santos and Bahia was atrocious. It was a game riddled with errors and devoid of threats on either goal. In the end, it was Santos who emerged as first among equals in mediocrity by reversing their usual game flow. A terrible first half gave way to an improved display after the break which saw Oswaldo de Oliveira’s team score two goals courtesy of Alan Santos and Lucas Lima. For their part, Bahia did the opposite, but failed to capitalize on their first half dominance. Thus it was that Santos notched up a second win of the season, but not before lulling fans into a stupor for the eight time this season. 

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