Santos FC Musings

Aug 17


The blog is on a break. I’ve been doing this consistently in one form or the other since Santos won the Libertadores back in 2011. It used to be fun. Now it feels more like an obligation. That’s why I’m stepping away for a while.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back. (Assuming that anyone actually reads this blog, which is extremely unlikely.)

Robinho The Slayer


Santos made heavy work of getting past Londrina in the Copa do Brasil, but eventually progression was secured through one man: Robinho. He and Arouca were the only players to rise above average, but it was the former idol who made a tangible mark on the game. It was his sharp finish that gave Santos the lead in the second half, and then he set up Rildo to strengthen Santos’ position late in the game. Londrina couldn’t come up with the goal to tie the score on aggregate, so Santos went through to the quarterfinal stage. 

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Aug 13

Quem Não Faz Toma

The old adage holds true as it always has. Santos dominated the entire game against Corinthians, creating and wasting enough chances to send Mano Menezes’ men back home with their tails between their legs. Then, just before the end, the football gods doled out their punishment for this profligacy as Gil rose highest to head the ball past Aranha to give the visitors the 1x0 win. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory has never had such a bitter taste. 

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Aug 08

Incompetence In The South

First it was 11 v 11, then a 10 v 11 advantage, then back to equality at 10 v 10. At all three points the problem was the same: Santos couldn’t get the ball into the net. Numerous primary and secondary chances came before being swept away by the ineptitude of Santos’ attack. The quality and quantity of Internacional’s chances was lower, but they made the most of what they had. Just after going down to 10 men, the home side took their chance, and that was enough to secure three points. Thus Santos’ chance to enter the top four last weekend went up in smoke, and they held the lighter that started the fire. 

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Aug 01

Londrina Blues

Santos’ reserves lost 2x1 away to Londrina on Thursday night in the first leg of their Copa do Brasil tie. I was watching the game, but gave up after 25 minutes. I just wasn’t in the mood too see the dross that was on the pitch. As such, I’ll just leave the highlights here. The team’s next game is against Inter on Sunday. That will be all.